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Ethiopia Sidamo Areka Natural — Espresso

Ethiopia Sidamo Areka Natural — Espresso

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Taste Notes: Tropical Fruit - Rose - Berries 

Process: Natural

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 1,950-2,300masl

Region: Sidamo D, Nansebo

About: It's our second consequtive year serving this coffee. "Areka Project" is developed by Project Origin and the exporter Primrose, to showcase the best flavours and tasting experience that an Ethiopian coffee has to offer. Once again, the coffee comes from the town of Nansebo, but this time the producer, Ato Girma, is in charge. Areka expresses crazy fruitiness from its natural process, yet has clean and complex finish. 

Recommended brewing methods: Espresso Machine, Stovetop, Aeropress, Clever Dripper

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