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Colombia Maria Deifi — Filter

Colombia Maria Deifi — Filter

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Taste Notes: Kiwi - Peach - Caramel

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1,700-1,750masl

Region: Villa Hermosa, La Plata, Huila

About: Our head roaster Takumi met Maria during our origin trip to Colombia in Oct 2018 in the township of La Plata, Huila. The coffee in this region presents elegantly beautiful acidity with clean cup finish, given its vairiety and the micro-climate in the area. Her coffee really stood out among many beautiful micro-lots we have tasted there. We hope that you'd enjoy this 100% Caturra grown in everybody's favourite region "Huila".

Recommended brewing methods: V60, Aeropress, Clever Dripper

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