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Colombia Luis Anibal Pink Bourbon — Filter

Colombia Luis Anibal Pink Bourbon — Filter

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Taste Notes: Mulled Wine - Orange - Cherry

Process: Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1,500-1,600masl

Region: Finca Villa Betuila, Acevedo, Huila

About: This is the second consecutive year we are showcasing the coffee from Luis Anibal. This time we managed to purchase a tiny lot of his Pink Bourbon. When we visited him again in Oct 2018, he kindly showed us his collection of coffee varieties. Geisha, Caturron, Papayo... you name it…he had it all!! We are honoured to represent this immaculately grown and processed Pink Bourbon. Muchas Gracias Luis!! 

Recommended brewing methods: V60, Aeropress, Clever Dripper

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